Privat detective Daniel Pöchhacker - State-certified professional detective in Vienna, Austria

    Certified Professional Detective
    Daniel Pöchhacker, BSc.


    Your contact point for all kinds of observations and investigations since 1983


in Vienna and Lower Austria

Since 1983, we have proudly combined family tradition and certified expertise to offer you comprehensive private and corporate detective services.

The roots of our certified detective agency date back to 1983. Our agency is a reliable partner for swift and professional surveillance and investigations in Vienna, throughout Austria, and internationally. We are committed to providing solid evidence as a basis for decision-making in private or business matters.

Our detective agency was founded in 1983 by professional detective Walter Pöchhacker and is now run by professional detective Daniel Pöchhacker in its second generation. The agency has always stood for quality, flexibility, and professionalism.

Benefit from decades of experience, from successes and failures, from solving major cases as well as handling smaller, often referred to as “routine” tasks. Our 40 years of expertise in the detective and security industry are utilized for tailored solutions with a focus on the essential. We treat every case with the same importance and view each task as a new, equally serious challenge.



Our detectives are the key to success

Their sometimes decades-long experience in our agency has sharpened their instincts – their strength lies in observation and investigation. The expertise, the most modern photo and video technology, the agency’s strategy, and the quality of the employed staff determine the quality of the work and the resulting court-admissible evidence. As a graduate of the Higher Technical Federal Education and Research Institute, Department of Electronics with a focus on “Technical Informatics,” and the Integrated Security Management program at FH Campus Vienna, Daniel Pöchhacker is technically proficient and places great emphasis on the latest technical equipment.

The initial contact with a private detective may cause unease – but nothing human is foreign to us anymore. The first consultation is free of charge and can, after prior telephone arrangement, take place at one of our detective offices in Vienna or St. Pölten. Professional detective Daniel Pöchhacker takes ample time to explain if and how we can assist you, and then coordinates the further course of action. The expected costs for the detective operation are discussed in detail. A cost limit, which may only be exceeded with approval, can be arranged upon request.

Our Services at a Glance

Marriage & Partnership

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. When suspicions and uncertainties arise, our divorce detectives provide clarity.


Clarifying customer theft – Reducing inventory discrepancies through professionally trained store detectives.

Personnel theft

Clarifying theft of money, goods, and operating resources. Our detectives assist in cases of personnel theft and provide support in implementing preventive measures.

People search

Whether old friends, missing family members, or debtors – we specialize in finding people, even those who do not want to be found.


The safety of your family is our top priority. We offer comprehensive services to protect you from threats and ensure a worry-free environment.

Evidence for civil and criminal law

Our detectives gather valid evidence that stands up in court. We support you in legal disputes and ensure that your case is optimally prepared.

Labour law

Our experts help you review employees and clarify possible violations of labor regulations.

Video surveillance

Our detective agency uses advanced technologies to provide customized video surveillance systems.

Insurance fraud

We assist insurance companies in clarifying fraud cases and help identify fraudulent claims.

Reclaiming Detective Costs

According to Austrian law (§1295 ABGB), in many cases, the costs for detective services can be reclaimed to the necessary extent based on the principle of causation. Therefore, if successful, hiring a private detective incurs no costs.

We can already offer you two important recommendations:

  1. Secure Evidence Promptly: The quickest possible securing of evidence after the problem becomes apparent is the best preparation for enforcing your claim both out of court and in court.
  2. “Trust, but verify”: In an emotional exceptional situation, it is undoubtedly important to have someone to talk to. However, the indiscretion of a confidant can jeopardize your efforts.

The efficiency of our detective agency and how we operate was described by one of Austria’s most renowned criminologists on the occasion of our 15th anniversary in 1998.